Tony Nigro and his wife, Elizabeth, have dreamed of opening a restaurant for many years.“We just couldn’t get it all to come together at the right time “Tony said.

In the summer of 2017, everything lined up and Big Tony’s Pizzeria is now open on 10th Street in the Village Center in Cookeville, TN. It’s become a family affair, with their nine children all having a hand in its creation and operation.

Both Tony and Elizabeth are from New York and lived in different places before calling
Tennessee home. “We just fell in love with Tennessee and settled in Livingston” Elizabeth said.

Tony gives credit to his mother for creating the recipes. “The pizza recipe goes back 100 years to Italy” He said. “It’s a thin crust with a sweet texture to
it.”  Dough is made fresh daily, nothing is frozen.  “We do not have a freezer or a microwave,” Elizabeth said. All products are top quality, from the meats to the toppings.

“It’s a team effort to do it all,” Tony said.

Article written by Laura Militana
Herald – Citizen Newspaper, Cookeville, TN